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I am working through the Zend framework tutorial at http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/.

Right now I am on the 'Create a Model and Database Table' section, and have followed the tutorial's guidelines for initializing database resources. In my terminal I entered

zf configure db-adapter \


adapter=PDO_SQLITE&dbname=APPLICATION_PATH "/../data/db/guestbook.db" \

and then


At this point, I am supposed to receive a message saying that a db configuration for production has been written to my config file. Instead, the prompt stays open. I've tried using ":q", ":quit", and "\q" to leave the prompt, but those don't work. The server that I am working on runs of RHEL5. I know I can close the terminal and open a new one, but I want to learn how to actually get out of the zend framework command line prompt. Solutions?

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OK, I think I found the problem as to why the command line was hanging; The input should have been zf.sh configure db-adapter '*adapter=PDO_SQLITE&dbname=APPLICATION_PATH "/../data/db/guestbook.db"'* production Looks like I missed a closing quote. Pete Mitchell has the right answer, though. –  Bad Programmer Dec 12 '11 at 17:24
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Ctrl+c will exit a prompt.

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