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I am new debugging in R using traceback() and option(error=recover) and debug(function) to try to find the reason of an error I have in an R package.

I am debugging a function with a big loop and I want to 'step out' of the loop into the next block. How can I do that? I know that you can put breakpoints, but I don't know where the loop is nor which is the next step. I am in an only text environment so the graphical help of the debug package probably does not help.

To sum up, how to step out of a loop when debugging, and how to step into a function for debug when you are already debugging?

Probably this has been already answered and I have missed it. I have seen several SO R debug question but none answering this part that I am aware.

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I'm fairly sure R's help system works even if you're not using a GUI. Try typing ?debug and see what happens. You ought to be informed that typing c or cont will

continue to the end of the current context: e.g. to the end of the loop if within a loop or to the end of the function.

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browser() can also be helpful to let you see what the values of your variables are at any point within the loop, see ?browser. –  Gregor Dec 12 '11 at 18:29
I have just realize that c goes to the end of the current context when I pressed c to go to the end of the script and only went to the end of the loop. I had from a a course hand-outs "c or cont (Continue execution without single stepping. )" and this was misleading me. Thanks –  Pablo Marin-Garcia Dec 12 '11 at 23:07

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