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I am writting JAVA programme using JDBC for database conntectivity , I am calling one stored procedure in that which is returning ORACLE REF CURSOR , IS there any way I can handle that without importing ORACLE PACKAGES ?

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I think I tried to do this a while ago and kind of gave up (I guess you could figure out what int value the OracleTypes.REF_CURSOR is and then use that int value, but that's a hack). If you got the patience you could define a record (or object) type and define the the cursor as a cursor with type since that can be cast using table to a value that is selectable like regular tables, ie

select * from table( sp_returning( ? ) )

I did a quick google on ref cursor and jdbc and it looks like it might be an oracle extension which would explain why there is no standard way to access the data.

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select * from table( sp_returning( ? ) )

is slower than returning a ref cursor.

I can use a ref cursor in combination with C#, why can't you do it with Java? I'm sure there are plenty examples.

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That is not an answer. It is merely conjecture. –  DmainEvent Oct 22 '12 at 13:42

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