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I have two tables

Id  |     City
1   |Van Nuys
2   |Diamond Bar
3   |Anaheim

Id  |     City
1   |Burbank
2   |N.Hollywood
3   |Van Nuys

And I need to populate T1 with data from T2 . To get

Id  |     City
1   |Van Nuys
2   |Diamond Bar
3   |Anaheim  
4   |Burbank
5   |N.Hollywood

I tried something like

const char *insert_sql = "INSERT INTO t1 SELECT * FROM t2";

I think it is not inserting data from t2 into t1 because they have same id.

What is the statement to perform this operation?

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Try this if your tables are in the same database:

    SELECT City from t2 WHERE City NOT IN (SELECT City From t1)

If your tables are NOT in the same database, you'll have to:

  • open a connection to database1.
  • query for the records you want - SELECT City FROM t1;. Save this into a local collection in memory.
  • close the connection to database1
  • open a connection to database2
  • loop through your collection; for each record, load into a string variable like #SomeCity
  • run a SQL INSERT statement like so: INSERT INTO t2(City) VALUES (#SomeCity);
  • close the connection to database2
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Thanks for response. I forgot to add that my t1 and t2 tables are in different databases(db1 and db2 respectively). what should I do in this case? Do I need ATTACH DATADASE ? –  user1079655 Dec 12 '11 at 22:21

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