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I just start learn around Backbone js. In a few minutes I read pretty complex examples, but I do not understand how Backbone models interacts with DOM selectors?

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In Backbone.js models shouldn't interact with the view layer at all.

Views on the other hand should represent model changes in the view, but Backbone.js does not have any built-in support for DOM-manipulation, templating, CSS, etc.:

Backbone is agnostic with respect to your preferred method of HTML templating. Your render function could even munge together an HTML string, or use document.createElement to generate a DOM tree. However, we suggest choosing a nice JavaScript templating library. Mustache.js, Haml-js, and Eco are all fine alternatives. Because Underscore.js is already on the page, _.template is available, and is an excellent choice if you've already XSS-sanitized your interpolated data.

From official documentation.

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