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I'm trying to use regex to parse out tags. I've got the regex almost as what I need it to be, with one small problem. The problem is, the regex isn't including the first letter of the match it finds. I'll show you what I mean...first, here is the regex I'm using right now:


And lets say the HTML code I was looking to parse the tags out of looked like this:

<h1 align="center"><strong><font color="#FF0000">I'm an H1 Tag!!</font></strong></h1>

The regex I'm using matches this out of the above HTML code:

'm an H1 Tag!!

So as you can see, it is leaving out the first part of the match (the "I" in "I'm").

So my question is, how can I use the regex I've got thus far to match the way I have it set up, but to include the first letter or number it finds (if it finds one)?

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I think you should include the first letter in the bracket

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You were close Jan Turon, but you gave me the idea to get the right answer to my own question, so thanks. Anyway, here is what it is that works: (?<=h1.*\>)[a-zA-Z0-9](.*?)(?=\<\/) I'd "Answer My Own Question" but I don't have enough "reputation" to do it, so I've just got to put the answer in a comment. –  Learning Dec 12 '11 at 19:13
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