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I'm working with a Java webstart application and we're trying to disable JOGL when the application starts if we're running on a remote system such as Citrix or rdesktop.

I have the code in place to disable JOGL, but I'm having trouble determining when it is running through Citrix. The system properties appear to be the same as a running the application from my local machine.

Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.


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Please see my earlier answer here for a way to determine whether your product runs in a Citrix XenApp session.

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It it's a JWS app it may be running on my Linux or Mac box, in which case WTSQuerySessionInformation doesn't exist. –  Stephen P Dec 12 '11 at 20:25
We are running on Linux boxes, in addition to windows. –  Dsynomic Dec 12 '11 at 20:26
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Using the link from Helge above, I was able to identify an environment variable that I can test from within Java.

String sessionname = System.getenv(SESSION_NAME_KEY);

if(sessionname != null && 
     (sessionname.startsWith("ICA") || sessionname.startsWith("RDP")))
    //Disable JOGL

I'm not sure this covers every situation, but it should work for what I'm looking for.

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