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I've got a combobox that opens a new form window with a datagridview, and I want the users to choose the items through that datagridview rather than through the combobox. I've got this code to achieve that:

    private void comboBox1_DropDown(object sender, EventArgs e)
        valSel.incBox = (ComboBox)sender;            
        if (this.comboBox1.DroppedDown)
            SendMessage(this.comboBox1.Handle, CB_SHOWDROPDOWN, 0, 0);

As you see I'm also trying to hide the dropdown of the combobox but it isn't working. I assume it's because the combobox hasn't actually "dropped down" yet, so that part of the code is never run. Is there an event or something I can cell when the combobox has fully "dropped down" so i can send the message to close it again?

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Can't you set the Enabled property of the comboBox to false? –  Otiel Dec 12 '11 at 19:29

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You should be able to simply set the height of the ComboBox to something really small. Last time I looked at it, this determined the height of the popup part (the actual height of the control is determined by the UI/font size).

The more elegant way, however, would be using a custom control that just mimics the appearance of dropdown boxes (I'm rather sure that can be done some easy way).

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+1 for using a different control. Combobox is obviously not the right solution here. A Label with a button next to it wrapped up in a user control would be much better. –  Jacob G Dec 12 '11 at 20:27

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