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Does any one use sqlite with Cygwin? I setup some options in the .sqliterc under my HOME directory, as following.

.mode column
.header on
.nullvalue NULL

But when I run queries in sqlite3, it seems it does not pick up the options in my .sqliterc file. This option works fine in my Mac machine.

Any suggestion?


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It works for me, at least with a very simple test. With no ~/.sqliterc file, typing sqlite3 at the bash prompt gives me the usual header and sqlite> prompt. When I run echo .help > ~/.sqliterc ; sqlite3, it gives me the help message followed by the header and prompt. What does that do for you? sqlite3 --version says 3.7.3. –  Keith Thompson Dec 17 '11 at 20:50

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please check your Home Directory.

You can find by :

echo $HOME

If your .sqliterc is located in your $HOME, and sqlite3 does not load that file, check :


If your login name is not same to "whoami" result, please put your .sqliterc to home directory of "whoami".

You can find an example : sqlites does not load .sqliterc in Ubuntu 13.10 (GNU/Linux armv7l)

Good Luck!!

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