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Let's say I want to do a lookup across 100 users by using: GET users/lookup

But I only need to know how many friends each of those users has. Is there a way of structuring the query so I don't get all the other superfluous data as shown below? If not my app is going to be too slow.

"time_zone": "Pacific Time (US & Canada)",

"friends_count": 19,

"statuses_count": 1858,

"profile_background_image_url": "",

"status": {

"coordinates": null,

"favorited": false, 
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No, there is no way to make this call lighter and thinner. You can make the call thicker by adding Tweet entities, but the users/lookup call which includes the friends_count is baseline. If you have a screen name or userID to work with you can make a call to friends/ids , you will be returned a very basic json which includes the ids of friends. You can count the number of object in this list to get a real count of the friends.

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