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I'm using the in_place_editor capability in a Rails application. When returning from the Ajax call to the server where the database objects have been updated, I would like to use the :on_complete callback to make some additional updates in the view. Unfortunateöly I can't get the :on_complete to work.

To test, this is what I have in the view:

<%= in_place_editor_field "localization", 'sv', {}, {:cols => 11, :on_complete => 'function() {alert(1);}'} %>

Doesn't work and the Javascript console says:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function() {alert(1);} has no method 'bind'

Doing this:

<%= in_place_editor_field "localization", 'sv', {}, {:cols => 11, :on_complete => 'alert(1);'} %>

Results in:

Uncaught TypeError: Object alert(1); has no method 'bind'

Can anybody say what's going on here? Does anybody have an example using on_complete?

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If others run into the same problem, I made an ugly workaround which I'm using until somebody comes up with a better answer. I patched the scriptaculous controls.js to check if there is a defined on-completion callback and if there is to call it, as follows:

wrapUp: function(transport) {
// Can't use triggerCallback due to backward compatibility: requires
// binding + direct element
// Beginning of ugly patch:
    if(typeof editOnComplete == 'function') { 
// End of ugly patch
this._boundComplete(transport, this.element);

} });

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