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I am trying to figure out why when I have a map displaying a controller's json string for map locations, when I click the infobox and go to a specific id page, I cannot zoom to the specific id location, and KEEP the rest of the locations on map. For instance:

The map displaying all of the points from the places_controller:

def index
 @json = Places.all.to_gmaps4rails

The individual id page displaying itself:

def show
 @json = Places.find(params[:id]).to_gmaps4rails

I want the .find(params[:id]).to_gmaps4rails to include .all of the places, but center on the :id location.

ps- the index map is geoLocated and centers on user, whereas the show location centers on just the 1 marker entry.


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I'd do something like:

def show
  @json   = Places.all.to_gmaps4rails
  @center = Places.find(params[:id])

And in view:

<%= gmaps( :map_options => { :center_latitude => @center.latitude, :center_longitude => @center.longitude, :zoom => 6 },
           :markers     => { :data => @json } 
         ) %>
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This worked, the only thing I did have to change was :auto_adjust => true, TO :auto_adjust => false. –  keade Dec 14 '11 at 17:00
glad it helped. –  apneadiving Dec 14 '11 at 17:19

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