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I have a rather complex SQL query that I am looking for a little help with.

I have two tables: a history table and a details table.

The history table contains the following columns.

Event Date(ev_date) 
Event Code(ev_code)  
Machine ID(mc_id)

The Details table contains the following columns:

Machine ID(mc_id), 
Location ID(lo_id) 
Machine Name(mc_name)

I need a query that returns the count of the number of events from the history table between a given date range of a given group of machines given by Location ID.

So, kinda in sudo code:

FROM history 
WHERE ev_date (BETWEEN start_date AND end_date) AND ev_code = 1 AND ???? 

(mc_id must have certain lo_id from details table).

Does this make sense?


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    FROM history h
    WHERE h.ev_date BETWEEN @start_date AND @end_date
        AND ev_code = 1
                       FROM details d
                       WHERE h.mc_id = d.mc_id
                           AND d.lo_id = @LocationID);
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Worked great. Thanks –  jomille Dec 12 '11 at 21:15

Assuming you have a one-to-one mapping between history and details on mc_id:

FROM history h
JOIN details d USING mc_id
WHERE h.ev_code = 1
AND h.ev_date between start_date and end_date
AND d.lo_id IN (?, ?, ?, ...)

Alternatively ON h.mc_id = d.mc_id instead of USING mc_id.

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Ill have to try this one as well. Thanks for the response. –  jomille Dec 12 '11 at 21:16

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