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We are currently using SurfStats and I am trialling Sawmill at the moment as a possible replacement as it does not require the code injection that Google Analytics does.

Is there a better package available or is it better to inject your own code (website is ASP.Net - VS2003) and write your own analysis application? Has anyone had any experience of doing this?

Help much appreciated.

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take a look here at a similar question from me where a lot of people have given several different options

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Thanks, done that. Seems everyone raves about GA but anything that means we have to chnage the site code means we hit testing bottelnecks due to the security implications - we are a gov site. –  MaSuGaNa May 11 '09 at 13:51

Microsofts logparser is pretty good.

Jeff Atwood describes it here

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Finding Sawmill to be very good indeed! Though expensive.

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