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I have a table that has the following format for the data. All I want is just one code and phone number. It does not matter which phone number I get, all I need it one phone number.

  • Code phoneNumber
  • 1000009 (123)752-0108
  • 1000257 (456)718-1229
  • 1000257 (789)750-1057
  • 1000259 (000)000-0001 1000259 (111)453-0522 1000259 (222)460-8947 1000270 (333)528-6468 1000276 (444)384-5571

The results I need would look like: Code phoneNumber 1000009 (123)752-0108 1000257 (456)718-1229 1000259 (000)000-0001 1000270 (333)528-6468 1000276 (444)384-5571

Any help with the SQL query would be appreciated. Thank you

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If any of the phoneNumbers for a given code is sufficient, you can use a GROUP BY with any of the aggregating functions to accomplish just that

This example uses the MAX aggregating function.

        , PhoneNumber = MAX(phoneNumber)
FROM    Table
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WITH cteRowNum AS (
    SLEECT Code, phoneNumber,
           ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY Code ORDER BY phoneNumber) AS RowNum
        FROM YourTable
SELECT Code, phoneNumber
    FROM cteRowNum
    WHERE RowNum = 1;
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