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let's say I want to apply the following to lines 60 through 80 in a file that I am editing in vim.

 :s/{/      {/

Is there a way to do this?


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You can prefix your search command with a line range, e.g.

:60,80s/{/      {/

If you want the change to apply from line 60 and forward use :60,s. If you want to change the lines from current to 80 do: :,80s. You can even do :.+3,80s to apply the search between current line + 3 and line 80.

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While this answer is 100% correct for the question, I prefer using visual (line) select - V - to see which lines I'm working with, and then simply start with the regex: :s/.... –  Walter Dec 13 '11 at 9:01

You can use several type of ranges as described here. And here are the official docs.

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You can also mark the first line of the section that you want to apply the regex to with the m (mark) command. Then move the cursor to the last line of the section. Then the regex command becomes:

:'a,. s:/foo/bar/

which says, from the line marked 'a' to the current line, substitute foo with bar.

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