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I'm working on a Multi Site installation of PyroCMS 1.3.2. I have create 3 sites:

The Default site is on my primary domain for the Spanish version, and I have 2 other sites for Italian and English versions of the site on a corresponding subdomain for each one like this:

http://arbioperu.org (spanish)


I have create a PyroCMS Module with Codeigniter Shopping Cart Class wich works fine on my primary domain but dosent work on the subdomain sites. nothing is added to the cart.

I think it my be a problem with the cookies setup:

$config['cookie_domain'] = (isset($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']) AND $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] == 'localhost') ? '' : preg_replace('/^www\./', '', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);

Thanks for your advice

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Are you sure that $_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"] contains the domain name that you expect? And not some server name specific for your host? –  Repox Dec 12 '11 at 23:18

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To allow your cookie to be used on subdomains of domain.com, you need to prefix the cookie domain with a period so it looks like .domain.com.

Similarly, setting the cookie domain to an empty string as you have will force the cookie to be restricted to use on a single domain.

Using $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] will change the cookie domain depending on which site you visit- for example, visiting a.domain.com will set the cookie domain as such and therefore visiting b.domain.com will act in the same fashion meaning that the cookie domains don't match.

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