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I need some help with regular expressions please. (In .Net 4 and C#)

I need to highlighting a block of text. The text is formated html so I am trying to use a regular expression to find the block when I just know the words in it. Then I want to put span tags around it:

For example if I have :

Now x is y the time z for all <bold>quick</bold> brown x foxes to jump over the lazy dogs back"

And I want to highlight "all quick brown foxes"

I want my result string to be:

Now x is y the time z for all <span class="MyHighLight"><bold>quick</bold> brown x foxes</span> to jump over the lazy dogs back"

The tricky part is I need to keep the original text, just put spans tags around it.

I thought I would start with replacing the spaces in the string I want to find with ?* to convert it to a regular expression. all?*quick?*brown?*foxes


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What is the purpose/status of the 'x' in 'brown x foxes' ? –  Henk Holterman Dec 12 '11 at 23:46

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static string Yellow(this string body, string match)
    string result = body;
    foreach (Match m in Regex.Matches(body, match.Replace(" ", "(\\s*|(<[^>]+>)*)+")))                
        result = result.Replace(m.Value, 
            string.Concat("<span class=yellow>", m.Value, "</span>"));
    return result;

string s = "Now x is y the time z for all <bold>quick</bold> brown foxes to jump over the lazy dogs back";
string m = "all quick brown foxes";

The result in console is:
Now x is y the time z for <span class=yellow>all <bold>quick</bold> brown foxes</span> to jump over the lazy dogs back

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Thanks - I like the working example. I have this basically but sometimes when I called Regex.Mathes or even Regex.Match, it would not return and was therefore locking up the program - not good. The data that I'm searching is too varied. –  BrianK Dec 14 '11 at 1:27
It may happen because the are more than one space characters. You may replace the match.Replace(" " with match.Replace("[\x0020\x00a0\x2000-200d]" and use always html decoded input. An example that will fail is for m = "all&nbsp;quick brown foxes". If you html decoded it (m = HttpUtilities.HtmlDecode(m)) its value will be "all\x00a0quick brown fox", so my making the recommended replacement for matching spaces it will work. –  drdigit Dec 14 '11 at 8:00

I think you wanted .*? instead of ?*, which is invalid. So:


However, this has some issues of its own - there can be words in between. You may instead want something like this:

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