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I'm trying to implement a "remember me" checkbox in my login form. Looking at the Docs I see that I can change the config setting by default:

$config['sess_expiration'] = 10; // I set it to 10 seconds for testing

What I'm trying to do is extend this time indefinitely, or much longer at least, if the user checks a box. I am changing the value of sess_expiration when the input is passed via the POST, and I can see that the value is changed, but it still expires after the default time, not after the new time.

if ( $this->input->post('rememberMe') )
    $this->config->set_item('sess_expiration', 0);

Just before I set the session information I call this and if I echo it out I see the value is properly set, but I wait and then my session is gone and I am redirected back to my login page.

    array('user' => array(
        'userId' => $user->userId,
        'userName' => $user->userName,
        'userLevel' => $user->userLevel,
        'userEmail' => $user->userEmail,
        'userCreated' => $user->userCreated,
        'userUpdated' => $user->userUpdated,
        'userStatus' => $user->userStatus
    'loggedIn' => $user->userId

Am I doing this wrong? I'm spending too much time on this issue so I'll move on and hope someone here can point out what I'm doing poorly.


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Have you thought about setting a cookie for this? I think you're better off storing the data with the user, so each time they return their cookie data can be searched for the variable you define.

if ( $this->input->post('rememberMe') )   
    $this->input->set_cookie($name, $value, $expire, $domain, $path, $prefix, $secure);

If you don't want to use the variables you can pass an array with the information instead. Once you've done that, pick a name for the cookie and set the Username in the $value, or whatever you want, and then in the controller for your login page look for the cookie:

   //set the username and password for your form
  //No cookie was found. Don't set anything.

I don't have time this morning to test this out, but it should work for you.

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My ability to over complicate a simple solution amazes me at times. :) Thank you. –  Seth Dec 16 '11 at 14:24

Do this:

// Change the config setting

// Force the Session class to recapture global settings by calling it's constructor
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When I run the CI_Session() code is breaks my auth controller. Should I be setting the $user session information first or after I call the CI_Session() function? I can't find it documented in the user guide. –  Seth Dec 13 '11 at 2:25

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