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I'm currently working w/ VS studio 2010, .NET 4.0. Here is my scenario:

I currently have a class library project called "Images" that contains a sub folder called "Icons". All my icons currently live in this project and are accessed by multiple projects via siteoforigin. Everything shows up fine while in the designer, but during run time the images do not display.

Here is my folder structure:

  • Root Folder
    • Images
      • Icons
    • Project 1
    • Project 2
    • Project 3

All projects are referencing the Images class lib. proj, and all icons inside the "icons" sub-folder within the "Images" project is set to: "Build Action = Resource".

The xaml looks like this (which is perfectly visible during design time):

     <Button Name="Button1" Click="Button1_Click">
            <Image Source="pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Data.Images;component/Icons/Button1.png" />
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siteoforigin is for files copied to the executable directory or subdirectories, for resources you should use application as authority as far as i know.


Path: The name of the site of origin file, including its path relative to the location from which the executable assembly was launched.

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I changed image source to: <Image Source="pack://application:,,,/Data.Images;component/Icons/Button1.png" /> and kept the build action for the image as "resource", and it still got the same results. I also tried to just change the image source to: <Image Source="/Data.Images;component/Icons/Button1.png" /> and got the same results. Does the reference project having to be class lib. have anything to do w/ it? –  d.moncada Dec 13 '11 at 1:04
I do not know, did you read the reference page i linked? Is there no info on there regarding any such limitations? –  H.B. Dec 13 '11 at 1:10
I have the same issue. But the given reference page is not existing now. Please help me. –  Hidden Fisher Aug 25 at 11:14
@HiddenFisher: Those errors just mean, that the topic is not available for the newest version of .NET. If you click "other versions" you can access it for .NET 4, which usually is fully applicable to later versions. –  H.B. Sep 16 at 12:16

Maybe the Image does not have the Build Action set to Resource. If it's anything else, including Embedded Resource, then it will not display properly at runtime.

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This should be part of any answer on this subject! Thanks. –  GP24 Jul 1 '13 at 3:33
This totally did it. Weird Microsoft workflow requiring 300 steps to add a freakin image to the project. –  m02ph3u5 Aug 7 at 12:46

This was driving me crazy. I tried lots of different things based on various articles but nothing worked. My xaml window and image are in a separate DLL from the executable assembly. Not sure if that was part of my problem.

In the end I had success with:

  1. Make sure the image properties in the project has "Build Action" = "Resource", NOT "Embedded Resource"
  2. In the xaml, with the image tag selected, use the properties windows to select the Source dropdown since NOW the image appears in the dropdown list! This let visual studio format the string for me.

The string visual studio formatted for my image was:

<Image Source="/Paperless.Common;component/Resources/Checkbook.png" />

where "Paperless.Common" was the name of my assembly, and "Checkbook.png" was my image that resided in a "Resources" folder.

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You can simply use relative paths also:

<Button Name="Button1" Click="Button1_Click">
        <Image Source="Icons/Button1.png" />
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It could be as simple as what I just did earlier today. I placed the file in the folder without referencing it in the solution. It showed up fine during design.

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I came here to get my design time image data to show up (inverse problem).


is what did the trick, in addition to Stanley1 Build Action set to Resource and Copy if newer.

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If you are using images from DLL, make sure that dll project has default resources file setup in Project's properties. and change its access modifier to public. Also, set images build action to "Resource"

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  1. Just Drag & Drop folder "Icons" into your project "Images".
  2. Use relative path: Image Source="Icons/Button1.png".
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I had same problem.
Now its working...
Try this:

<Button x:Name="b2"HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Top"
    Width="26" Height="29"> 
        <ImageBrush ImageSource=" a.png"/> 
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You could explain your code a bit. –  naltipar Feb 26 at 11:01
@naltipar .If you want show button with image ,use ImageBrush behalf of image tag. Above code is a sample.Ignore it. simply add button and use imageBrush. –  Santhakumar Feb 27 at 12:16

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