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I'm customizing my Font and Colors of Visual Studio and I don't know how to change the background color of the item when the cursor stops on a type (class, interfance, structs etc...) and the other same types change the background like in the image. I would like to know how is the keyword in Tools->Options->Fonts and Colors->Displays Items ?

enter image description here

Thank you!

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It's Highlighted Reference

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Have you tried this:

Visual Studio Programmer Themes Gallery by Scott Hanselman

You can choose different styles that suites you.

Hope this help.


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Yes, I take this style from www.studiostyl.es. This is Son of Obsidian, the most popular! But I would like to customiza this background-color item (when the cursor stop on a type and it highlighter the background of all same types) ? –  Felipe Oriani Dec 13 '11 at 10:47

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