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Is there a way to dump data (generated with the CRUD) into a yml data file?

This feature is available in Rails, Django, etc...

I find that the best way to create data and respect relationships is throught the CRUD admin

There's nothing about it in the Play! Yaml Documentation

I will add that it would be nice if possible to dump while using the mem (or fs) databases, though this means it cannot be done with a "play" command but could be done through a special Route maybe?

In short:

  • is there any existing 'dump' code in Play! ?
  • is it possible to dump via a $play dumpdata command?
  • is it possible to dump via special Route?
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Sounds like you want the logisimayml module.

To export your database, simply type this command line :

play yml:generate

You should have a look through the Play Modules page. Lots of great stuff there.

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Perfect! I still find play documentation difficult to browse.. or maybe just not well indexed by google! I will have to play around a little to see how it behaves with the mem db, but I guess I can always start play with "start" then issue the generate command. – Stefano Dec 13 '11 at 3:09
It seems the module is just for 1.x play version, I need to use this with play 2. Is there anything similar? – Patrik Beck Aug 15 '14 at 10:54

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