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If one has a Float field in a domain class, the Grails view generation uses a

<g:field type="number" />

and one gets a

<input type="number" /> 

type of html field, which purely allows integers .... unless I'm just unable to get it to work differently.

Can one override the scaffolded generation to use something else for Floats, e.g. a simple text field, so that a floating point value can be entered?


P.S. I can't find any documentation on the g:field tag, apparently new in this release. Can you refer me to any reference you've seen or include the documentation in this post? (if available)

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Voting for the bug in the Grails bug-tracker might help get it fixed. There's also a workaround

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Super, I'll have to search those better. Voting for the bug sounds good. –  Ray Dec 13 '11 at 12:55

This could be fixed by using the widget constraint which allows you to define a custom html element to be generated by scaffold.


description widget: 'textarea'


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