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I am trying to update a notification via the Facebook ADK. The documentation says this:

"You can mark a notification as read by issuing an HTTP POST request to /NOTIFICATION_ID?unread=0 with the manage_notifications permission."

I know how to read the notifications with the graph path "me/notifications", but I am unsure of the code to do a POST to mark a notification as being read.

Facebook facebook = ......."Authorized Facebook Object"
Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
parameters.putString(Facebook.TOKEN, accessToken);

... How do I add in the "/NOTIFICATION_ID?unread=0" parameters? ...

String result = facebook.request("me/notifications", parameters, "POST");


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Ok...I figured this one out:

Facebook facebook = ...
String unreadParameter = "0";   
Bundle parameters = new Bundle();
parameters.putString(Facebook.TOKEN, accessToken);
parameters.putString("unread", unreadParameter);
String result = facebook.request(notificationID, parameters, "POST");

The Graph Path needs to only be the "NOTIFICATION_ID" and nothing else...I was putting in "me/notifications/NOTIFICATION_ID" and other variations.

I hope that others find this helpful.

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