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In order to get my mailer and the view to render correctly, I have to do the following:

include ::KamilHelper

since i use the method do_it() both here:

class Notifier < ActionMailer::BAse
  def run_it

and in its corresponding view:

<%= do_it() %>.

Otherwise, I get:

undefined method `do_it' for #<Notifier:0x00000102b24af0>

for the view or the mailer?

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Are you doing include ::KamilHelper in a controller? If so, this includes the methods from the helper into the current class (e.g. the controller), but methods from a controller are not available in a view. add_template_helper makes those methods available to templates rendered from the current controller (by calling include ::KamilHelper inside the modules that are available to the view templates).

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