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This is my php code

        $var = $_GET['name'];
        $newvar =str_replace (" ", "", $var);
        $sql = "SELECT varpin, ABS( varpin - '".$newvar."' ) AS pin FROM tbladstore ORDER BY pin LIMIT 5";


Here name have value 682 031.In table varpin is stored as xxx xxx.Here i want to remove the space of varpin value when selecting using query.

That is after this step

 `$newvar =str_replace (" ", "", $var);`

the $newvar have the format i also need varpin is in this format for finding nearest values of a given pin number.How can i do this?

In db the varpin is in varchar type.I also need this field as only varachar not changed to other type.

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Is there any real need for varpin to be a VARCHAR? Otherwise; why not store it in a numeric column? – Filip Roséen - refp Dec 13 '11 at 4:54
yes there have real need – Kichu Dec 13 '11 at 4:57
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You could use REPLACE(varpin, ' ', '') to get rid of all spaces in varpin column.

And then use CONVERT(value, DECIMAL) to make it into a numeric type.



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You're looking for TRIM.

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