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Is there any way to search in XML doc with match case? In this post I see searching with exact match: XPath query for exact match

What I want to achieve is to get all matching elements according to my criteria.

Like if I have the following XML:

<Misc  URL="http://ccc/.webm1.webm"  />
<Misc  URL="http://bbb/OGG_2.ogv"  />
<Misc  URL="http://aaa/OGG_3.ogv"  />
<Misc  URL="http://ccc/.webm4.webm"  />
<Misc  URL="http://bbb/OGG_5.ogv"  />
<Misc  URL="http://aaa/OGG_6.ogv"  />

I want to get all nodes that contain or having .ogv, similarly all that contains .webm extensions.

Any idea how to get this?

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//Misc[substring(@URL, string-length(@URL)-3)='.ogv']

The above uses XPath 1.0 and simply performs a substring and returns the last 3 characters to match against .ogv.

Also, to simplify the above, using XPath 2.0 //Videos/Misc[ends-with(@URL, '.ogv')].

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Try using Linq-XML.

XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(file);
var result = doc.Descendants("Misc").Select(p => p.Attribute("URL"))
                     .Where(p => p.Value.EndsWith(".ogv"));
foreach (var t in result)
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