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I run this regex on #q keyup event to avoid extra spaces in a string.

$('#q').val($('#q').val().replace(/\s+/g,' '));

The problem is that it is also deleting all new lines. How can I delete extra spaces but keep new lines intact?

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The issue is that \s represents all whitespace including newlines. If you just want spaces, you can have a literal space:

$('#q').val($('#q').val().replace(/ +/g,' '));

If you want spaces and tabs, you could use a character class instead:

$('#q').val($('#q').val().replace(/[\t ]+/g,' '));
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Looking for \x20+ does the trick:

$('#q').val($('#q').val().replace(/\x20+/g,' '));

20 is the Hex code for the space character. You were looking for all whitespace characters, including newlines.

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