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Can I Implement Feature Like

"Cache Google Map Tile"


"Precache Map Area"

which is in Google Maps?

In Latest Google Maps Update, There is a option like "Precache Map Area" So i want to implement this Feature in My Own Application and on My Own Device. So can i Do this Using Google Android Open Source Code which is available on android Developer Website??

Basically want to see google map in offline mode, means i want to get Map from Cache Map Tile when GPRS or Wifi is not there.

So can i save this google map tile to cache and use this map in future.?? Please Suggest me the way so if possible than i will proceed for next.

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No, and we can see you got the same answer and the reason why on a newsgroup last year: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.handhelds.android.devel/192411/match=precache+map+area

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