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I've been tasked with recoding a MATLAB script into C or C++, and I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my head around this filter function (filter(a, b, x)). Does anyone know of a simple way to do this, or an existing C library that accomplishes the same thing?


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Just implement the filter function as described here. This resembles just a tapped delay-line filter, where b and a are coefficients and x is the input data:

a[1]y[n] = b[1]x[n]+b[2]x[n-1]+...+b[N]x[n-B+1]-a[2]y[n-1]-...-a[N]y[n-N+1]

You only have to take care about not-yet-existing indices, which are denoted by the square brackets. a and b are vectors of length N.

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An alternative to that answer is filter and filtfilt in C

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