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I tried the below query

     SELECT metric, value FROM insights WHERE object_id=3232322 AND     
     metric='application_active_users' AND end_time=end_time_date('2011-12-12') AND    

I've got read_insights permissions,object_id,i'm passing the page id.

This insights,i create as an facebook app ,to this i'm passing the app access token.

I get an empty array as output.Am,i missing some thing?

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Without wanting to ask a silly question: you are an admin of the page, right? – Igy Dec 13 '11 at 10:33

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I don't think it is an authentication issue because it would return an error (authentication error) This might be a known issue with end_time; check bug already reported to facebook. I have posted a work around there too that works.

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