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I am a newbie to ruby on rails and developing some email apps, which uses AWS SES to send emails. I am uploading a csv file which contains only email address and an email will be sent to those email address.

Its a very basic app, which my app fails to send an email due to some reasons the app automatically stops sending emails. But I has to keep sending emails to the remaining email address.

How do I handle the exception. I have used ActionMailer.

Kindly Help me

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Kindly post some relevant code. We can't read minds. –  iWasRobbed Dec 13 '11 at 7:18
I just parse the CSV file and call the ActionMailer in my controller. –  Jeevan Dongre Dec 13 '11 at 7:50

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def send_all_emails
  @emails.each do |email|
    send_one_mail email

def send_one_mail email
  # your actual email sending code here
  # this will log error to Rails log, but will not halt the whole app
  Rails.logger.error $!
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If you want to know about the exception,use

 #some code here
rescue =>ex
 Rails.logger.error "#{ex.class.name} :  #{ex.message}"

ps: You can also use rescue Exception =>ex .But don't use it until needed.Since it will catch all minor exceptions like 'NoMemoryError' which we don't want.Use the first one,it will catch only the Standard errors.

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