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  • I am drawing a 3D Gnuplot graph with the following script.
  • My Gnuplot version is gnuplot 4.4 patchlevel 3.
  • My problem is that with the default position of the Z-axis label, it's always getting cut (being placed outside the boundary). I would like to know the command to place X/Y/Z axis label at the coordinate on the graph as I prefer.
    set pm3d 
    set grid 
    set palette defined (-1 "blue", 0 "white", 1 "red")
    set notitle

    set ztics 0.10
    set xlabel "Label 1"
    set ylabel "Label 2"
    set zlabel "Label 3"

    splot "data" using ($1/$2):3:($4+$5) with pm3d notitle pause -1

    set term post enhanced color "Serif" 20
    set output "graph.eps"
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You want to tweak the {offset <offset>} option, for example:

set xlabel "Label 1" offset 1,1,1

which moves the xlabel approximately 1 character in each of the x, y and z axes relative to its original position.

As per the help page, you can specify one of first, second, graph, screen or character (this is the default) for the coordinate system to be used for the offset:

set xlabel "Label 1" offset graph 1,1,1
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thanks. It works. It was surprising that with an older version of Gnuplot, I didn't actually need the 'offset' keyword. –  gsbabil Dec 13 '11 at 12:12

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