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I am upgrading from JRuby 1.5 to JRuby 1.6.3 and Rails 2.3.5 to Rails 3.0.

Earlier, I used to use:

ActionController::Base.session_store = :java_servlet_store if defined?($servlet_context)

in config/initializers/session_store.rb

Now in the same file I do:

Mb30::Application.config.session_store = :java_servlet_store if defined?($servlet_context)

The earlier version in Production used to yield jsessionid and work well with session. Since I used the Java servlet store in Tomcat, I used the default session timeout feature in web.xml, and it worked very well.

However after upgrading I see in Firebug that there is a jsession id created. but at the same time there is a Rails _session_id also created and killing the jsessionid doesn't kill the Rails session id . Also I have an HTTP wrapper API over my application which gets response and sends it as xml. Here I figured that the jsessionid is not matching the Rails session due to which in the API I am unable to get the session objects since they are getting set in Rails session.

Here are my Gems:

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

abstract (1.0.0)
actionmailer (3.0.0)
actionpack (3.0.0)
activemodel (3.0.0)
activerecord (3.0.0)
activerecord-jdbc-adapter (0.9.7 java)
activerecord-jdbcpostgresql-adapter (0.9.7 java)
activeresource (3.0.0)
activesupport (3.0.0)
arel (1.0.0)
bouncy-castle-java (1.5.0146.1)
builder (2.1.2)
bundler (1.0.18)
erubis (2.6.6)
i18n (0.4.1)
jdbc-postgres (8.4.701 java)
jrails (0.6.0)
jruby-jars (1.6.3)
jruby-openssl (0.7.2, 0.7)
jruby-rack (1.1.1, 1.0.10)
mail (2.2.5)
mime-types (1.16)
polyglot (0.3.2)
rack (1.2.1)
rack-mount (0.6.12)
rack-test (0.5.4)
rails (3.0.0)
railties (3.0.0)
rake (0.9.2, 0.8.7)
rubyzip (0.9.4)
sources (0.0.1)
thor (0.14.0)
treetop (1.4.10)
tzinfo (0.3.29, 0.3.23)
warbler (1.2.0)

Can anyone tell me what the issue here could be?

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I'm assuming that Mb30::Application is your Rails application, which is itself a subclass of Rails::Application, so the configuration setting probably isn't making its way out to ActionController::Base.

Try adding this to config/application.rb:

config.action_dispatch.session_store = :java_servlet_store

As well as setting up an initializer for the session store in config/initializers/session_store.rb:

Mb30::Application.config.session_store :java_servlet_store

The initializer may not be necessary; I've used this when setting up a custom DB session store, as I ran into a similar problem.

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I tried that, still to no avail. Its still behaving as a Cookie store and calling Set Cookie all the time –  prachi tripathi Feb 6 '12 at 9:12

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