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I need to find the name of the test method about to be run from within the SetUp() method that unittest runs before each test. How can I do this without running every test method seperately?


class Testing(unittest2.TestCase):
    def setUp():
        # wish i could write:
        string = getNextTestMethodName()

    def test_example(self):
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not even is needed:

def setUp( self ): '# setUp for %s' % ( self, ))

typical output:

# setUp for test_mainframe_has_been_constructed (__main__.BasicFunctionality_FT)

... where "test_mainframe_has_been_constructed" is the method.

So repr( self ), presumably, if you just want the string - then slice and dice, observing that the method name ends with the opening bracket (or first white space).

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You can use self.shortDescription() that will give you the name of the test (or the docstring associated with the test), and this, even in the setUp/tearDown methods.

EDIT: maybe is enough, it provide only the test name (thanks to @Blair).

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Or, which returns the name of the test case, which is usually the name of the test method. – Blair Dec 13 '11 at 8:24
thanks cedric&blair, after reviewing i realized that the testcase holds the name of the testmethod currently running in self._testMethodName. this fills my needs as id() isn't good cause i have several testmethods within my testcase class – yuvalshu Dec 13 '11 at 9:15

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