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I have a string array, and I need to get a range out of that, say 10 items counting from index 20.

I see there is an extension method called Take that can take a number of items from the beginning of the array, but I also need to specify the starting index.

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Use the Skip method first. Like Take, it's a LINQ extension method and returns an IEnumerable:

Dim myRange = myArray.Skip(20).Take(10)

If the array contains 20 elements or less, the method does not throw an exception but returns an empty IEnumerable.

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You can use the Skip method to skip a number of items:

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Same example with Option Strict On

    Dim foo As IEnumerable(Of String) = myArray.Skip(20).Take(10)

    Dim arrayPart() As String = myArray.Skip(20).Take(10).ToArray
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