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I'm using sendgrid's event api which sends a codeblock like this to a postback url of my choice:

    [email] =>
    [timestamp] => 1323698899
    [smtp-id] => <4ee60acf8e3d1_55dd862cf147044@mbjoppa.mail>
    [response] => 250 2.0.0 OK 1323698899 o30s15072o427yhl.103 
    [event] => delivered

They don't have XML or JSON and I need to extract the email and event parts of this block.

Any idea how I do this with rails? Basically this block is sent to a postback URL of my choice but I'm not sure how to use it from there.

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According to their web API page ( they do have both XML and JSON. Does this not apply to their event API? – Mark Thomas Dec 13 '11 at 12:46

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I never used sendgrid but after a quick look it seems like they are just sending you a standard post request with parameters so you best bet is to define a simple action like the following and see what you get:

def sendgrid_event

  # chances are that this will contains what you are looking for:
  # params['email']
  # params['event']

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