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I am working in an Android application where i have to capture and save data locally with current Date & Time, later which will sent to the web server.

Now the issue is if user changed the Date & Time of Handset, application stores wrong data.

I need to get current Date & Time from Network Provider or some other way in LOW OR NO Network area, because in proper network i can get Web Server Date & Time, so i have to work for low or no Network area.

Thanks in Advance:)

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Well if you have no network, how would the device know the "correct" time? The only thing it has is its own date... –  Guillaume Dec 13 '11 at 9:49

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You can take a look at this solution on how to programatically get network-provided values in your code. This should solve the problem provided the web server also uses network-provided date and time.

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Use local time stamping which is updated periodically. Sync the timer on network connection then keep a check if the user has manipulated the time, the stamps will be invalid. Idea is similar to web certificates.

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As a workaround you could use GPS time, will be off by a bit but better than nothing and available most of the time.

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