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I am currently working on some POC using JS Tree plugin and related check box plugin. For certain nodes I need to check the check box by default and disable any further selection.I found the function to hide the check box

.bind("load_node.jstree", function (e, data) {

instead of hiding the check box completely I want to find a way to disable check box for certain nodes

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Consider rewriting the question in order to be more undestandable. – athspk Dec 13 '11 at 23:07
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You will need to define a "disabled" type (using the types plugin) and then assign that type to the desired node.

Take for instance this "disabled" type definition:

           "types" : {
                "types": {
                "disabled" : { 
                      "check_node" : false, 
                      "uncheck_node" : false 

and the type assigment:

$.jstree._reference('#tree').set_type("disabled", "#node5");

More info on the types plugin can be found here and you can also check this google group with more info on disabling checkboxes

Hope it helps!

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Thank you to mcabral and Tomasz for their answer. It helped me to achieve the right result. However, I needed to add some extra lines in order to get it working properly. Here is what I did:

You need to add two attributes to the <li> tag wich are the rel='disable' to indicate jstree that this will be the new type for the checkbox, instead of default and the class='jstree-checked' attribute which will pre-check the checkboxes when loading the tree.

$rel = ( 'if the checkbox need to be pre-checked' )? 'rel="disabled" class="jstree-checked"' : '';
            echo '<li id="checkbox_id" '. $rel .'>';

Then based on the previous answer you need to define the 'disable' type that was used in the rel attribute as follows:

                    "types" : 
                        "types" : {
                            "disabled" : {
                                 "check_node" : false, 
                                 "uncheck_node" : false 
        "plugins" : ["themes","html_data","ui","crrm","types", "checkbox"],
                    "checkbox" : { "two_state" : true },
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