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The problem is, when I set the render attribute of f:ajax to @form the btnCreateCSV render correctly. But, if I change it to the id of button nothing happen. I wonder to know, how can I solve this problem. This is my xhtml code :

<h:panelGrid layout="block">
            <h:commandButton value="View SQL" action="#{sparqlQueryBean.convert}" id="btnViewSql">
                <f:ajax execute="txtQuery btnCreateCSV" render="btnCreateCSV txtSqlQuery" onevent="waiting" listener="#{sparqlQueryBean.generateCommands}"></f:ajax>
            <h:commandButton value = "CSV" action = "#{sparqlQueryBean.createCSV}" id = "btnCreateCSV" rendered="#{sparqlQueryBean.showCSV == true}">
                <f:ajax execute="@none" render = "@none" onevent="waiting"></f:ajax>

And it's my bean class. In generateCommands method, the value of showCSV set to true. But it dosn't work.

    public void generateCommands (AjaxBehaviorEvent event) {
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With <f:ajax>, JavaScript is used to locate elements in the HTML DOM tree and re-render them. But if a JSF component is not rendered into the HTML output, then there's also nothing in the HTML DOM tree to re-render. You should either re-render its closest parent component which is always rendered instead, or wrap it in another component (e.g. <h:panelGroup>) which is always rendered and re-render it instead.

See also:

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