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Maybe I don't understand exactly how works the UUID in a bluetooth connection, but as I have understand, the server has to open a BluetoothSocket with a specific UUID and listen to a connection request on this socket with the same UUID.

My question is, when you don't have access to the client to hard code the UUID, how can you send to the client the UUID he musts use to connect the BluetoothSocket ?

Please tell me if I have not correctly understood the bluetooth connection process !

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Bluetooth provides a Service Discover Protocol (SDP), which is a standard way of discovering services and UUIDs. When building an app, you can either hard code UUIDs on both server or client, or you use SDP to look up the UUID at runtime.

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So once the client start the discovery, he can read the UUID of the server with the SDP and make a request on the socket with the right UUID ? But can I use RFCOMM with the SDP or not ? –  Laurent Dec 14 '11 at 10:26

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