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I am doing an assignment and stuck at this point: I have a class in which i have 30 getter and setter method.

  public class example{

public String get1(){
 return someString1;

public String get2(){
return someString1;

public String get3(){
return someString4;

and so on...

public String get30(){
return someString30;


Now i want to call all getter method with a single loop like

for(int i= 1; i<=30;i++){
// String total = get1()+get2()+get3()...............

what should i do?

Edit: i did it using reflection :


Thanks Ricky

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The commented code is the only way to do that. But this is a symptom that your design is incorrect. Rather than having 30 properties of type String, you should certainly have one property of type String[] or List<String>.

Then you could do:

List<String> list = getListOfStrings();
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
for (String s : list) {
String concatenation = builder.toString();
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+1, and it preserves encapsulation - if the only thing needed is the concatenation of all strings, no need to "expose" the 30 string bits through getters - another thing, this is tagged as "homework", you shouldn't have included the actual solution in your post, just basic directions to solve it ;) – Guillaume Dec 13 '11 at 10:39

If these are the standard accessors then better to go for List and do get(index)

else Reflection hack will help

public class Example{

  private List<Integer> marks = new ArrayList<Integer>();

now loop

for(int i= 1; i<=30;i++){
   total += marks.get(i);
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Just override the toString() method in the example class like this:

public String toString() {
  return someString1 + "  " + someString2 + "  " + someString3;
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thanks @Guillaume, it just deleted my formatting. – Dominik Mohr Dec 13 '11 at 10:41

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