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I'm trying to give a model to the shared layout so the menu links are created dynamically from a database. Any ideas where I should start?

I am looking for maybe tutorials of how to use inheritance to do this?

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You could do this:


public partial class Menu
    public String[] items;

    public Menu(String[] items)
        this.items = items;

View (_Menu)

@model YourMVC.Models.Menu

    @foreach (String item in Model.items)

Place this in _Layout

@Html.Action("_Menu", "Home")

Controller (HomeController)

public ActionResult _Menu()
    String[] items = {"Item1", "Item2", "Item3", "Item4"};

    return PartialView(new Menu(items));

Of course in your actual implementation you would grab whatever you needed from the database in the controller _Menu() action.

I'm not sure if this implementation is the best practice, but it certainly works.

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Can I ask, why you use the partial class? –  Givi May 24 at 18:32
It's not necessary here, but I've often worked on projects where the models are generated by an ORM (LINQ to SQL) as partial classes with additional model code manually added in another file where it won't be overwritten by the ORM. –  JackieChiles May 24 at 19:06

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