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I'm using Play framework with the Scala module. I've factored out some code into a separate library and built it and published it locally using sbt publish-local. Now I need play dependencies to find that library and its dependencies.

What I have so far is this, in my ~/.ivy2/ivysettings.xml file:

<settings defaultResolver="chain"/>
    <chain name="chain">
      <filesystem name="libraries">
        <ivy pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/local/[organisation]/[artifact]/[revision]/ivys/ivy.xml"/>
        <artifact pattern="${ivy.settings.dir}/local/[organisation]/[artifact]/[revision]/[ext]s/[artifact].[ext]" />
      <ibiblio name="ibiblio" m2compatible="true" />

This enables Play to find my library, but unfortunately it ignores its dependencies and falsely claims that I don't need them any more and they can be deleted from lib/.

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could you post the ivy.xml for the artifact and maybe the relevant output from ivy? –  oers Dec 13 '11 at 11:36
@oers I'm never calling ivy directly myself so I'm not sure which is its output. The ivy.xml output by sbt contains dependencies as expected, but strace shows that play dependencies is never even reading that file. Instead, it's reading an xml file from cache that doesn't contain any dependencies. Even when I delete the ivy2 cache, it still does the same thing (creating that file first). –  Robin Green Dec 13 '11 at 11:52

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Using the --debug option to play dependencies, I found that for some reason, Play was using "ivy" as the artifact name for the ivy file, instead of my library's name. So as a quick workaround, since I only have one library at the moment, I just changed [artifact] to my actual artifact name in the ivy element above.

I filed a Play bug report.

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