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Is it possible to transform speech (pitch/formant shift) in (near) real-time using MATLAB? How can it be done? If not, what should I use to do that? I need to get input from the microphone, visualise the sound wave, add a filter to it, see the oscilloscope again, and play back the modified sound.

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Sure. There's a demo application up on the MATLAB Central File Exchange that does something similar. It reads in a signal from the sound card (requires Data Acquisition Toolbox) in near real time, applies an FFT transform - you could do something else like applying a filter - and visualises the results in 3D graphs live. You could use it as a template and modify it to your needs, such as visualising in different ways (more of an oscilloscope style), or outputting the sound as a .wav file for later playback.

If you need properly real time, you might look into implementing in Simulink rather than just base MATLAB.

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Unfortunately this is outdated for win64 systems –  bla Oct 26 '12 at 17:27

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