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I'm trying to install R on my office server (running Suse Enterprise edition with no GUI ) and the wiki asks me to install some stuff before i install R


I managed to install the first 2 , getting the RPMs and the dependencies' RPMs but i'm really running into problems when installing the gcc-fortran package .

I was wondering if there is any package manager that i can use that would take care of the dependencies for me ?

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I figured this out .

The problem was that the gcc-fortran package and all the other dependencies were stored in a dvd somewhere on my office network . This wasn't given anywhere in the wiki!

So all i had to do was whip out yast2 , add the repo's and get installing !

Thanks for all the help :)

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I'm not familiar with Suse, but it should have YUM as a package manager.

yum --help


man yum

should help you.

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A search here finds the package so you should be able to install using yum, as @Anonymous mentiond, or rpm.

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