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I want to store the username in the cookie and retrieve it the next time when the user opens the website. Is it possible to create a cookie which doesnt expires when the browser is closed. I am using c# to create the website. And how can I stop the browser from offering to save username and password

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Please check this… – Dewasish Mitruka Dec 13 '11 at 11:51

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Writing a cookie

HttpCookie myCookie = new HttpCookie("MyTestCookie");
DateTime now = DateTime.Now;

// Set the cookie value.
myCookie.Value = now.ToString();
// Set the cookie expiration date.
myCookie.Expires = now.AddYears(50); // For a cookie to effectively never expire

// Add the cookie.

Response.Write("<p> The cookie has been written.");

Reading a cookie

HttpCookie myCookie = Request.Cookies["MyTestCookie"];

// Read the cookie information and display it.
if (myCookie != null)
   Response.Write("<p>"+ myCookie.Name + "<p>"+ myCookie.Value);
   Response.Write("not found");
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