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Im attempting to load a hex literal from an xml settings file, I can parse the xml just fine and get the required string from the file,

but i cant seem to get it to set an int variables value :/


    int PlayerBaseAddress = System.Convert.ToInt32(ConfigLoader.GetSetting("PlayerBaseAddress"));
    // Input string was not in a correct format.

    public static string GetSetting(string Val)
       // This loads from the xml file, Pretend its hardcoded to return a string of 0x17EAAF00

    int PlayerBaseAddress = 0x17EAAF00; // This works.
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You have to supply the base of the string to the overloaded method Convert.ToInt32(String value, Int32 fromBase).

Int32 value = Convert.ToInt32(hexString, 16);
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That worked perfectly thanks, –  Fusspawn May 11 '09 at 16:27

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