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I am having working web application based on PHP/MySQl where users can login and posts(similar to twitter).

I am using just 3 db tables named users, posts and follows.

I need some advice on how to get the MySQL to respond to a select query from "posts" table within 3 to 4 secs ("posts" have more than 1 million records).

Can any one advice on this please.

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Do you want to optimize MySQL performance or something else? I'd start from analyzing the queries with EXPLAIN. Then you;ll see whether you need to optimize your queries, the database structure (indices, views, etc) or to tune the MySQL settings. –  Minras Dec 13 '11 at 11:54
Stop please. Everybody. Optimization without analysis is wrong. How many users on your web application ? How many query on the users table? How many time you update the users table? –  alesdario Dec 13 '11 at 12:00

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It sounds to me, like you either need to work on your indexing and what you're passing in to the "WHERE" clause or look at some form of data caching. I'm not a mysql expert so others might have more of an idea under the hood and I'm not sure what levels mysql starts to creak at. But you're asking quite an open ended question. What does the table definition look like and what indexes do you have currently? What does a typical query look like?

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Try creating an index on the field you query the posts table with. This should speed up the query and complete much quicker than 3-4 seconds


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e.g. An index on something like the "user_id" column (in both the "users" and "posts" table) is probably what you want. –  Iain Collins Dec 13 '11 at 11:57

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