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I want access MovieClips Dynamically from the external flash file. There are 5 MovieClips named Loader_1_mc, Loader_2_mc,.... Loader_5_mc like so. Each of this movieClip contain 5 movieClips by named acc_1,acc_2,...... acc_5 like. How Can I access From the swf file. i tried few steps within nested loop

accChrome["Loader_"+bInd+"_mc"].["acc_"+sVal].y = 780;


accChrome["Loader_"+bInd+"_mc"]["acc_"+sVal].y = 780;


MovieClip(accChrome["Loader_"+bInd+"_mc"])["mask_"+sVal].y = 780;


accChrome["Loader_"+bInd+"_mc.mask_"+sVal].y = 780;

i wont get it.. Please Help me... Thanks in advance

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What is the data-type of your accChrome object? Is it just a MovieClip? Or a derived class from a MovieClip? – bigp Dec 14 '11 at 13:54

Accessing Movieclips in movieclips (Stack Overflow Question)

var clipInClip:Acc; // class name is Acc in this case, but its whatever
clipInClip = ((this.Loader_1_mc as MovieClip).acc_1 as Acc);

clipInClip should properly hold acc_1 in this example. As for looping through using parts of strings, look at dthoughts post on this page... (3rd post)

This isn't too great of an answer, so if you get stuck, ask!

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